Barras Pastless

Mercenary warrior


A tall, powerful man of unknown heritage. A thoughtful figure who speaks rarely.


Barras has no memory of who he is, where he comes from or even what race he belongs to. All that is known is that he was found unconscious in the middle of a forest the ground and trees burned around him and the bodies of a dozen wraiths scattered about him. His only belongings being a longsword and a suit of battered armour. His name comes from King Barras as he had a striking likeness to the man according to Khaim Stonehand.

Barras is a reluctant warrior, he’s a superb fighter, but he does not enjoy it. Though he stays at the Mercenary hall he does mostly menial jobs like chopping firewood, carpentry or repairing wheels and barrels and is apparently a skilled smith and carpenter.

Detris Dragonslayer tried to bait him once. Barras gave her one look, said he pitied her and walked away. She vowed she would wear a necklace with his teeth some day. The only two people he seems to have warmed to is Boreus Ursad, enjoying his tales and anecdotes while claiming that Boreus reminds him of somebody he may have known though he has no other recollections and the other is Willum Boloson. Both have been spotted trekking the woods.

Dogs have a tendency to bark at him and cats hiss and most horses except the one he tamed himself become nervous when he’s near.

Servants in the Mercenary hall have spread the rumor that they have heard him hum beautiful, but melancholic music.

Barras Pastless

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