Constan Olov the Thaumateurge

Mage and mercenary


Boyish good looks, friendly, often smiling and a skilled mage.


Constan is a rarity in the Helmlands as he hails from the west, more specifically Korin, one of the few enduring human enclaves adjacent next to the Goblin lands. The people of Korin are not unlike those of the Helmlands and Constan feels quite at home in the Helmlands, especially because the area is free of serfdom, a practice the Korinians inherited from their Goblin neighbours.

Constan is a mage of considerable skill and serves the city in all matters magical. He will occasionally join adventuring groups on expeditions to areas that might contain interesting magical sources.

Constan feels ill at ease with mercenaries and adventurers and avoids the Bow and Arrow hall as much as possible, preferring the quieter taverns in Helmgaard.

Constan Olov the Thaumateurge

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