Coras Gnollslayer

Ranger, kills Gnolls


A quiet and dour man who feels ill at ease around people and civilisation.


Coras was orphaned at an early age and was found wandering the woods, starving and near death a week after his settlement was massacred by Gnolls.

Coras was raised by Atwald a kind ranger, with a large hound, Grimfang as his only friend. When he was barely fourteen Coras and Atwald were ambushed by Gnolls. Grimfang alone flew at the throat of a three Gnolls, butchering them before he was brought down. Coras fought with demonic frenzy and when the haze passed Atwald and Grimfang were dead as were nearly twenty dead Gnolls, many of them killed by Coras.

Coras gathered the heads, dragged them to Helmgaard and claimed them as prize, earning a small fortune with which he purchased weapons and equipment and left for the Helmlands.

Gnolls have learned to avoid the areas Coras patrols at all costs. Some foolhardy chieftain will occasionally put a bounty on his head, but all those who tried to kill the Gnollslayer have met a swift death.

Coras spends little time at the mercenary hall and uses it mostly to gather information earn coin for his bounties and get new gear and supplies. The last time he was in Helmgaard a mercenary commented how Coras must love killing Gnolls only to find himself with Coras’ drawn blade at his throat and only Boreas’ intervention prevented any bloodshed.

Coras Gnollslayer

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