Davela Gooseberry

Mercenary warrior


Davela is solidly built, not entirely unattractive, but looks dull, uncultured and clumsy.. A bit of a country girl, with a slow Helmland drawl and a slight stutter. She has a bulky figure and a lack of the more refined skills.


Davela is a good woman to be in a scrap with, wielding a polehammer in combat with surprising skill and devastating accuracy. She’s generally good hearted, though a bit slow to get a joke at times. Can hold her drink exceptionally well and is mad about small children, animals and exotic creatures.

She gets on remarkably well with Lady Perdove and avoids Eris Thay. She learned to steer clear of Detris Dragonbane the hard way getting a broken nose, arm and a buzzing in her ear that refuses to go.

She blends in well enough with most mercenaries drinking and singing songs until late at night. She’s had her share of boyfriends, though there is a persistent rumor she prefers women.

Davela Gooseberry

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