Detris Dragonbane

Mercenary warrior, queen bitch


Attractive, exudes strength and confidence. Has a tendency to get into fights where she inevitably dominates her opponent.


She’s not good, she’s amazing and she knows it. This dragonslayer is so skilled it hurts, as she is one of the most dangerous warriors in the Helmlands. She single-handedly tracked down a dragon, trapped it and killed it. Once and for all establishing her deadly reputation. Detris is not a nice person to be around, her tongue is as sharp as her sword, and openly scorns anyone within earshot. Most mercenaries and adventurers have learned to steer clear of her, but newcomers will fall into the trap of assuming she’s not as good as they are, a terrible mistake to make even if she is in a good mood let alone a foul one, which is more often than not.

Detris Dragonbane

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