Iareth Kaine The Fallen

A knight of the Wolf


Paladins may fall. To some the Order of the Wolf is their path to redemption. Iareth Kaine is a fallen paladin who fled from battle, lied about his actions and was ousted from the Order of the Lion.


A promising paladin, Iareth was too young and too naive to fully understand his charge and responsibility. To make matters worse his commander overrated him because of his high descent, as a result he was given responsibilities that would challenge an older more experienced paladin, in Iareth’s case it crushed him.

He fled to the Helmlands and spent some time in the wilder regions, trying to escape his own conscience until he came across a knight of the Wolf, an order for fallen paladins or those who would aspire to rise up, but lacked the inner conviction.

The order has three principles.
- Never reject those who truly seek redemption
- The path to redemption is hard, many will stumble along the way
- Redemption will come when you least expect it

Iareth Kaine The Fallen

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