Kagar the Wise

Mercenary warrior


A charismatic dwarf of immaculate reputation. Serious and always to the point.


A true dwarf’s dwarf. Well groomed, erudite, skilled in almost all things military. He strides with confidence and will command attention without a single word even in a busy crowded room.

Pragmatic to a fault, he has never quarreled for as long as he has been in Helmgaard and even Detris Dragonslayer has been unable to bait him however much she seemingly yearns to put him in his place.

Even the dullest have learned to listen when Kagar speaks and he holds considerable weight in many decisions concerning Helmgaard. He’s been recently asked to supervise upcoming improvements to the defenses of the town a task he immediately set about surveying the terrain in great detail, The council now awaits his suggestions.

Kagar the Wise

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