Khaim Stonehand the High Seer

Dwarf scholar


Muscular even for a dwarf, extremely nearsighted despite wearing spectacles, will speak endlessly about a subject.


A dwarven scholar of the highest reputation with a painfully crushing handshake who manages to get lost in his own house. Khaim has huge arms and hands that could pummel a bull into submission if that unlikely thought would ever occur to him. He is above everything a scholar. He is fond of taking notes and can often be seen taking them with both hands while carrying on a conversation. But his genius has its limits, he is nearly blind without his spectacles, has zero sense of direction, a rather limited understanding of danger except for the most obvious kind and no practical skills to speak of. He has a desperately overworked aide who attends to all the needs Khaim forgets such as providing him food, making sure he doesn’t accidentally step into something or falls from some great height. Khaim can be utterly oblivious to almost everything if his attention is captivated by an interesting subject. He is however an incredible source of information on the most trivial subjects.

Khaim Stonehand the High Seer

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