Kheir of Airain

Mercenary to the bone


A tough, skilled warrior with a friendly attitude, somewhat carefree and would make a perfect companion if he hadn’t a deeply rooted mercenary streak and a fundamental lack of respect for those he deigns to call the little people.


Kheir lives by one motto, “Show me the money” With the right coin he will stand between a dragon and a family of helpless peasants, but he wouldn’t bat an eye if the dragon ate them raw.

Boreas dislikes him for having no principles. Kheir does seem attracted to Detris Dragonbane like a moth to a flame, he’s clever enough to avoid getting into a fight with her, but he spends much of his energy in trying to find a way to get to her without there being a swordpoint in-between. He also has a habit of teasing Barras Pastless about his memory, his size or his physical particularities, all of which are like water off a fish to Barras. He has sometimes teased Raea, calling her gorgeous, but got on the wrong side of her boot one night and has learned to keep his tongue. Like many mercenaries he is scornful of the paladins and has gotten in scraps with the militia.

Kheir grew up in a city and does not enjoy living outdoors, often complaining about conditions. He has only the most rudimentary woodcraft and often delegates things like making the fire or building a shelter to others. He’s a poor hunter and not very good with missile weapons, preferring to get up close with sword or axe. He is disdainful of peasants and those that toil the land, saying he would rather die in a hopeless fight than ever be caught scratching dirt.

Kheir of Airain

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