Lady Nídwen Nimronyn Perdove

No-nonsense Elf Ranger


A jaw-droppingly stunning elf woman of almost unearthly beauty with flaming red hair and penetrating green eyes.


An elf of high noble descent but a wild unfettered flamboyant attitude come from her experience spanning several centuries. A skilled mage and ranger she wears a suit of armour that seems alive, made of tiny leaf-like scales that change colour with the seasons, going from a vividly lush green in spring and summer to bright yellows, oranges and reds in fall and turning a dull brown in winter. She carries a deadly rapier and bow roaming the Helmlands. She is a regular at the Bow and Arrow Hall and sometimes aids adventurers with useful information.

She doesn’t suffer fools easily and will almost always call them out in their face. She has no qualms about shattering delusions or stupid ideas. Unlike other elves she is highly practical and has grown beyond much of the subtleties many of the lesser races engage in.

Lady Nídwen Nimronyn Perdove

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