Raea Greenhawk

Gorgeous body, deformed face


Blessed with the body of a goddess and cursed with the face of a troll. It is hard to describe Raea’s features in a positive way without telling a terrible lie. She has a face to curdle milk and shatter mirrors. Raea has given up trying to feel positive about her appearance and has resigned herself to a life of solitude.


As the mistress of the Bow and Arrow hall she runs a tight house and is perfectly capable of dealing with even the rowdiest customer and more than one found himself flying out a window before they knew what hit them. Most regulars at the Bow and Arrow have grown used to Raea’s less than enticing appearance and often try to warn new visitors about Raea’s appearance which sometimes backfires resulting in a fast and forceful eviction. Though she is one of the most physically powerful women in Helmgaard she has no interest in adventure whatsoever.

Raea Greenhawk

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