Raven Blackbear



Raven hails from a prominent family in the Helmlands. Her ancestor Cedda Blackbear is a legend in the Helmlands, held responsable for opening up the Helmlands to settlements.


The Blackbears were long on the forefront of exploration and settling the Helmlands, but recent generations settled down in Helmgaard and became merchants, traders and land owners. Her grandfather Pyrias Blackbear was High Alderman before Iannus Blackbirch was elected. Raven is the first in two generations to take up the mantle of her family and move into the wilds. If stories are true, Raven is much like Cedda, with a deep love for the land and a desire to maintain its unique appeal.

Raven is a natural leader and is a close friend of Boreus Ursad. Many believe that she will succeed Iannus Blackbirch as High Alderman and may even turn the Mercenary company into a permanent army.

Raven has a long standing feud with Detris Dragonbane and it was only the timely intervention of Boreus Ursad (resulting in a nasty injury and an impressive scar) that saved Raven’s life.

Raven Blackbear

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