Tirillally Cuddles Froggie Tinpot Goom (at least it was last week)

She's a gnome, deal with it.


Tiry as many call her is a unique sight in Helmgaard. A gnome “acquirer” perpetually looking for shiny and pretty things. How she manages to remain unnoticed even with her brightly coloured hair has even halflings baffled.


Tiry or “Cuddles” to her best friends and everyone is her best friend when it comes to it, must include a magpie in her ancestry for she will forget what she is doing or drop everything she holds if she catches sight of something “shiny”

Bubbly, fun loving and able to creep quietly into the tightest corners life is her oyster. She has not a bad bone in her body and even Detris Dragonbane wasn’t able to bait her despite saying terrible things that we will not repeat here. Suffice to say that Cuddles merely smiled, called Detris funny and said she would love to slay another dragon with her. It took Detris a full minute to realize she was speechless with her mouth wide open.

One might imagine that someone like Tiry would get along well with the likes of Willum Boloson, but she makes him uneasy, culturally unaccustomed to utterly fearless and open people.

With her sweet voice and an instant nickname for everyone she meets she brings a touch of colour and mild strangeness to the somewhat drab Helmgaard.

Do not assume that she is a fool or oblivious to danger. Those who did witness Tiry in battle have a deep respect for her abilities. “Her knives are so sharp, she could skin a Gnoll before he knew what was happening to him.” Said Kheir upon returning from a mission. “If I were locked up with ten good fighters on my side and her in a room I would not give a silver piece for my own life.” Cuddles giggled and smiled in such a way that many patrons felt a shiver down their spine.

Tirillally Cuddles Froggie Tinpot Goom (at least it was last week)

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