Willum Boloson

Halfling scout


Sharp-faced, keeps his long hair tied down in a pony tail, restless and shifty.


The closest you will ever come to a relaxed halfling in human company. Though Willum has lived all his life in Helmgaard and most inhabitants have grown used to his presence he cannot help but look over his shoulder and avoids remaining in the open for long. He talks quickly in clipped sentences and never uses a superfluous word. He is precise in his movements and can freeze and almost fade away in full sight. He may be the most skilled guide to the Helmlands in Helmgaard though few bother to hire him. For some reason he will always get away when Wilas Korr is around and Eris Thay appears highly suspicious of him. The Lady Perdove seems to like him though it’s not clear if the feeling is mutual.

Willum Boloson

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